NSS College Manjeri


Library and reading room The college has a centralized library with a full time librarian and supporting staff. The library has a central section, a reference section and a section for periodicals. A library advisory committee entrusted by the Council monitors the functioning of the library. Library rules.
1. The Library and the reading room will be opened from 9 am to 4 pm on all working days.
2. Books from the General library will be issued on days and hours notified by the Librarian.
3. Application for books must be made in writing in prescribed forms.
4. Students must examine books issued to them and report damages, if any, to the Librarian before taking them away.
5. Books issued must be returned within fifteen days from the date of issue.
6. Students who fail to return the books within the due date shall pay a fine of 50 Paisa per book per day.
7. Strict silence must be observed in the reading room.

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