NSS College Manjeri

Fee Structure


General Fee
Cost of application fees for college transfer Rs. 30/-
Fees for college transfer Rs.100/-
Fees for inter University transfer Rs.200/-
Cost of application fees for name change Rs.10/-
Fees for name change Rs.150/-
Fees for condonation of shortage of attendance Rs.750/-

Fees for exemption from the production of attendance certificate

for part II language
Fees for matriculation Rs.50/-
Fees for optional change Rs.150/-
Fees for migration certificate Rs.100/-

(ii)Fees for Provisional Certificates

B.A / B.Sc / B.Com etc. Rs.100/-
PG Courses Rs.125/-
(iii) Fees for Original Certificates
Degree Certificate Rs.200/-
Post Graduate Degree Certificate Rs.300/-
Rank Certificates for all courses Rs.100/-
Additional fees for obtaining Degree Certificate urgently Rs.250/-
Duplicate Certificate of Degree Rs.350/- + search fees
(iv)Revaluation and Scrutiny  
Revaluation of answer papers Rs.100/- per paper
Scrutiny of answer paper Rs.20/- per paper

(v) Private Registration

Degree Courses Rs.300/-
Post Graduate Courses Rs.350/-

(vi) Examination Fees

B.A. B.Sc/B.Com  
Application fee: Rs.25/-
For each theory paper Rs.30/-
For each practical paper Rs.50/-
For Mark List Rs.30/-
CV camp fee Rs.150/-
Supplementary/improvement appearance for  
B.Sc Practical  
For each Subsidiary practical Rs.100/-
For each part 3 main practicals Rs.250/-
M.A / M.Sc / M.Com  
For each theory paper Rs.12/-
For each viva-voce / Practicals Rs.30/-
For each mark list Rs.5/-
Special late fee for accepting applications for various Examinations (1) Up to 20 days prior to commencement of examination Rs.250/- (2) Up to 10 days prior to commencement of examination Rs.500/-  


Special fees, Tuition fees, Caution Deposit etc. to be remitted in the college at the time of admission

Description Degree(UG) M.A / M.Com(PG)
Tuition fees Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1800/-
Caution Deposit Rs.360/- Rs.600/-
Laboratory Fees
For B.Sc main-per subject Rs.250/- Rs.600/-
For B.Sc subsidiary-per subject Rs.150/-  
Special Fees
Admission Fees Rs.75/- Rs.150/-
Library Fees Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Calendar Fees Rs.30/- Rs.30/-
Stationery Fees Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Magazine Fees Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Games Fees Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Association Fees Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Audio-visual Fees Rs.25/- Rs.25/-
Scout & Guide Fees Rs 5/- Rs 5/-
Students Aid Fund Rs 5/- Rs 5/-
Medical Inspection Rs 5/- Rs 5/-
Women’s Study Rs 50/- Rs 50/-
Matriculation Fees Rs 100/- Nil
University Union Fees Rs 75/- Rs 75/-
Sports Affiliation Fees Rs.250/- Rs.250/-
C.V. Camp Fees Rs.250/- Rs.250/-
Fine for belated payment of tuition fees Rs.5/- Rs.5/-
within 10 days from the date Rs.10/- Rs.10/-
Readmission fee Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Late fees for Transfer Certificate(T.C) Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Fine for duplicate Transfer Certificate Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Fine for non return of library books per day after due date Rs.1/- Rs.1/-

Fees should be remitted on the first working day of each term. Failure to do so will attract fine in the following rates

Second working day up to the 10th working day ---Rs 5/-

Eleventh working day upto 25 th working day -------Rs 10/-

It the fee is not remitted within the 25 th working day of each term ,the name of the student will be removed from the role. He/She will have to seek readmission after paying the readmission fee of Rs 30/-.

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