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The college union exists for coordinating the activities of the various college associations, to organize collegiate and inter collegiate debates, lectures by distinguished persons and to promote and strengthen unity among the students of the College.  The College union and the allied associations will be constituted in the College according to the rules and regulations, laid down by the University of Calicut from time to time and as per the court order




General Seats :


The Chairman                                      : JAYASANGEETH              III BA ENGLISH

The Vice-Chairman                             : ATHIRA                               II BSC PLANT SCIENCE

The Secretary                                      : ASWIN.V                             III BSC ZOLLOGY

The Joint-Secretary                             :  KRISHNA.S                       III BSC CHEMISTRY

The Secretary Fine Arts                      :  ANAND .P                          II BA HISTORY

The General Captain                           : ASWIN.T                             II BSC ZOOLOGY

The Chief Student Editor                   : SYAM PRAKASH.V          II BSC CHEMISTRY

The University Union Councillor        : 1. JASIL.P                            III BSC PHYSICS

                                                             2. MOHAMMED ALI SHIHAB.K  I BA HISTORY


Class Representatives :

I DC                                                    : GOKUL.P.S             I BA ENGLISH

II DC                                                  : JISHNU.P.V             II BSC PHYSICS

III DC                                                 : SUNDUS.P              III BSC PLANT SCIENCE

PG                                                       :  NITHINDAS           II M.COM

Association Secretaries :

Mathematics                                        :  AMALNATH T.P               I BSC MATHS

Physics                                                : ANUPAMA.K                     IIBSC PHYSICS

Chemistry                                            :  SHAMNAD .A                   III BSC CHEMISTRY

Zoology                                               : JASLA.V.P                         II BSC ZOOLOGY

Plant Science                                       : ADARSH.S.K                    III BSC PLANT SCIENCE

English                                                : ABHINAV.S                         II BA ENGLISH

History                                                : DIVYA.K                             II BA HISTORY

Commerce                                           : NRITHYA ANAND            III B.COM



                                                                                                (Returning Officer)



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