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Campus Etiquette

  1. As a matter of politeness, a student shall greet the teacher when he meets the latter both inside and outside the class room.
  2. When the teacher enters the class, the students shall be standing, until the teacher asks them to sit.
  3. A student attending class must have the required text books and note books with him.
  4. No student shall leave the class room during a lecture without the permission of the teacher.
  5. Students have to obtain exit pass for moving out of the campus during working hours. Exit pass is available in the Department / store for Rs. 1/-
  6. All students should wear their ID cards issued by the college while they are in the campus. Violation of this rule will invite disciplinary actions.
  7. The applicant for admission to any course is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he / she has indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he / she shall be expelled from the college and the case notified to police.
  8. The character and conduct certificate is a document which the student has to earn. It will be issued to a student only after the recommendation of concerned class tutor/faculty advisor and countersigned by Head of the Department. 75% attendance, writing all the examinations and test papers and good behaviour are the pre-requisites for claiming the conduct certificate.
  9. Students shall not loiter on the corridors causing distraction to the ongoing classes.
  10. Producing any noise or engaging in any activity that disrupts the corporate life of the campus will     automatically invoke disciplinary action.
  11. Smoking, drinking alcohol or chewing pan are prohibited in the college campus.
  12. Obscenity in word or action or any act of misconduct is subject to disciplinary action.
  13. Political activities are prohibited inside the college campus.
  14. As per the orders of the Honorable High Court of Kerala WP (C). No. 29634 of 2003 (C) agitation, demonstration, dharna etc within the campus stands banned. Cases of violation will be   handed over to police.
  15. The students shall not organize or attend meetings other than official ones or collect money for any purpose without the sanction of the Principal.
  16. Notices, banners and wall - posters shall not be fixed in the premises nor shall the class rooms and premises be littered.
  17. Students shall not bring mobile phones inside the campus. Surprise inspection squad of the college will conduct inspection in the campus and the mobile phones of any seized will not be given back. A general auction will be arranged on the first working day after 31 March.
  18. Instances of eve-teasing and ragging are criminal in nature like physical clashes. Appropriate legal action will be invoked. Students are expected to keep decency and decorum befitting higher education.
  19. Any damage caused to college property will have to be made good by the concerned and the students should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  20. Picnics, Excursions, Study Tours etc shall be under taken only with the consent of the class tutor, department head and the Principal.
  21. Those who refrain from test paper/terminal examinations shall be liable to disciplinary actions. Those who fail to obtain reasonable standards in test papers/terminal exams have to take re-test and show improvement in academic activities
  22. Students facing disciplinary actions like suspension should not enter the college or its premises without the permission of the Principal.
  23. Any notice published on the college notice board by the Principal shall be considered as having been brought to the notice of all members of the college.
  24. Any questions not covered by the foregoing rules shall be decided by the Principal.

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