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The attendance of students is taken at the beginning of every class. The attendance statement for every term will be published department wise.

The Certificate of attendance and conduct required for sitting in the University examination (term certificate) will not be granted unless:

  • the student has at least 75% attendance
  • his/her character and conduct are good.

Students are not permitted to absent themselves from classes without leave. Leave applications endorsed by the parent shall be submitted to the Principal duly recommended by the group tutor/faculty advisor.

Absence during a period shall be treated as absence from a session either forenoon or afternoon, and absence of two periods from two sessions as absence for the whole day.

Leave on health ground shall be supported by medical certificate.

Attendance for physical education activities will be granted only to athletes representing the college or University in various matches, tournaments or sports events. Such students should submit their applications duly recommended by the faculty of Physical Education, not later than one week after the event.

Maximum period for which duty leave can be granted to a student for sports is 10% of the total number of working days.

Absence of a student without leave for more than 15 consecutive working days shall entail removal of his or her name from the roll.

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that he/ she has the required attendance. Complaints, if any, regarding attendance may be submitted to the class tutor/faculty advisor in writing.

If the Principal is satisfied with the character and conduct as well as the genuineness of the reason for absence of a student, he can recommend to the University for Condonation of the shortage of attendance. Application to the University shall be placed at the end of February with a fine prescribed by the University. The fine shall be given as Demand Draft in favour of the University along with the medical certificate and recommendation of the Principal showing a calendar statement. Condonation will be granted only once in the full length of a course.

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